The Awkward Nineteenth Wheel
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I have created a monstrosity, and have let it loose upon mankind

No regrets, lol  #yolo

Oh my god, Pharrell Williams brought his Canada hat to Coachella

Oh no, Pharrell lost his voice on stage. Give that man some chocolate milk, stat!

Watching The Glitch Mob @ Coachella on the internet, fuck yeah
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(For One Night We’re) Invincible [concept] - medaKnight4

Hey everyone! I got a sudden stroke of inspiration from literally out of the blue and I just had to do something about it. This is merely a concept, and to be honest, it is the most professional sounding thing I’ve made ever. And to think the only thing I had to go on was a single hook phrase I that hit me like a brick to the head. Anyway, if you have any questions, comments, or critiques, I would love to listen to them! I hope you enjoy my latest work  :)

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Heut’ Ist Mein Tag

I made this in like half an hour!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

That newest episode of Agents Of SHIELD made me shit my pants and blew the soiled garments straight out the freaking window

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This is my second attempt at sampling songs, and it turned out better than expected! This loop has elements of both Get Lucky and Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, believe it or not. They have similar chord progressions, and I arranged them in an order most interesting. Enjoy!

Skrillex - Bug Hunt (Original Mix)
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I found it kids. The original, Bug Hunt, from Wreck-it Ralph

Ah yes, Tom Lube’s BluRay edit of Bug Hunt. I don’t know what happened to his Soundcloud, though, so that’s a shame.

International Tabletop Day was a success!

The middle was a bit dry, but the ending was superb; I haven’t had this much fun since my first con!

I’ve been introduced (and possibly hooked on) two terrific games: Pandemic and Ladies & Gentlemen.

Pandemic proves that my physics teacher this semester has damn good tastes in co-op games. You and up to three other players are charged with taking down four super viruses that have spread across the globe, with the odds of success dwindling every flip of a card. Can you withstand the infections, or will you be utterly decimated?

Ladies and Gentlemen is a lot more convoluted, but damn it’s fun. The players are split between men and women (your gender doesn’t matter, and playing on the other end of the table is just such good fun), and the ball is coming up. Do you and your partner have what it takes to make your wife the most elegant one there? Not if the village bicycle has anything to say about it!

And that’s about it. I made quite a few friends today, and I sincerely hope I am able to play with them in the future.

PS. I totally bought Cards Against Humanity, and I plan on buying all the expansion packs for additional hilarity.

Jesus, it’s been nearly four years since I last logged onto Runescape  :U

Edit: Holy balls, it’s different! So many bright colors, this new system for combat; it all might be too much  @A@